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Legal support of crypto projects

ATNIR Capital will advise, analyze, select a jurisdiction specifically for your project and will provide legal support for blockchain projects to achieve the best results.

Our services

ATNIR Capital provides services to projects working in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Our company can conduct a turnkey ICO/IEO/IDO with the organization of the structure, legal support, professional advisory and marketing.

If you need a license to exchange cryptocurrencies or build a business structure for mining cryptocurrencies, then our specialists will develop the best solution for you.

We can advise and provide the client with a solution both on a specific issue, and we can comprehensively approach the development of a large project according to the customer's vision and provide legal support for blockchain projects of any complexity.

Main directions

  • Comprehensive legal support for FinTech, Blockchain, ICO, IEO, IDO

  • Registration of foreign companies in foreign jurisdictions

  • Legal and financial consulting for cryptocurrency projects

  • International tax planning

  • Opening bank accounts abroad

  • Crypto licenses in foreign jurisdictions

  • Intellectual Property: Protection. Consulting, Registration

  • Creation of crypto funds

Benefits of cryptocurrency funds

The key advantage of placing capital in a cryptocurrency fund is the ability to transfer your assets to the management of professionals. Investors do not need to independently study the principles of the cryptocurrency market, track trends operating on it, and even more so to develop their own strategies for increasing capital using complex mathematical formulas. All this will be done by experienced specialists. 

Under favorable conditions, the profit of investors in a fund managed by an experienced team of specialists can exceed 100% per year, and sometimes 1000% or more.

In addition, the large scale of capital allows funds to participate in even the largest trade deals, which gives them some advantage over small private crypto investors.

All trading transactions using cryptocurrency are carried out through smart contracts. This trading technology has made a real revolution in the field of investment funds, making any transactions much more transparent and secure.

Classification of cryptocurrency funds

There are currently two main types of crypto funds:

ATNIR Capital specialists will provide you with professional advice on the creation of a cryptocurrency fund, help you with the choice of jurisdiction and provide full legal support for all processes.

Hedge funds


This type of funds appeared the very first and rapidly increased in popularity. To participate in the fund, in addition to depositing the capital itself, it is necessary to pay for the services of managing this capital. In general, hedge funds are considered the most democratic. They also have high volatility and a wide range of traded currencies.

Mutual funds


They usually grow out of small investment projects created by a narrow circle of investors. Each member of the fund receives a fixed share of the profit, which directly depends on the capital invested at the start. A mutual fund is a particularly profitable option for newcomers to cryptocurrency investing who do not have the large capital required to participate in hedge funds.

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