Conducting ICO/IEO/IDO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the issuance of project tokens based on blockchain technology and their sale through a crowdsale to raise funds from investors.

ATNIR Capital offers a full range of services aimed at conducting ICO/IEO/IDO with subsequent listing on crypto exchanges.

The staff includes specialists in all areas, from developers in the field of blockchain technologies, web designers, lawyers, economists and ending with marketing analysts.

ATNIR Capital is ready to fulfill an order of any
complexity at an affordable price:

  • Preparatory work. Detailed idea and prototype development, roadmap and whitepaper creation for future investors, marketing analysis and financial model, site planning model and content creation.

  • Turnkey website development. Works directed at creating a blockchain shell, that is, smart contacts, issuing a token into the blockchain, integrating payment systems, and making transactions possible. Creation of UX/UI website design. Frontend and backend development - creation of a site framework and engine.

  • Marketing part. Multilingual, video presentation development, advertising on social networks and sites with cryptocurrency topics, contextual and targeted advertising. Neuromarketing - working with the target audience.

Benefits for business owners

  • Effective fundraising

  • ICO/IEO/IDO is much cheaper than IPO

  • ICO/IEO/IDO launch is associated with much less paperwork than IPO

  • An opportunity to tell the general public about your brand and cryptocurrency

  • Building an online community

  • Opportunity to acquire early investors and use them as a marketing mechanism to promote the project

  • Lack of regulation or registration by government authorities

ICO from ATNIR Capital is:

  • Full cycle of services and performance of work of any complexity;

  • Highly qualified specialists in the field of blockchain, ICO, web development, marketing;

  • Affordable prices;

  • Unique vision in terms of marketing;

  • Openness and honesty at all stages of cooperation;

  • Friendly service.