Cryptocurrency development

Cryptocurrency is a unique currency that is located on the virtual web of the Internet, but has real value.

For some tokens, you can already buy various services and even physical goods today.

Virtual money, based on a distribution database, has become a real trend in the modern world.

Such tools do not have a single center and exist with the help of a network of computing devices.

We will help you create your own coin for making deals or trading. Your own token can be a great way to raise funds through ICO/IEO/IDO and other crowdfunding campaigns.

We will adapt the source code of Bitcoin or Ethereum, use the capabilities of the ERC20 or BEP-20 protocol and other tools.

The main goals of creating your own coins are:

  • Monetizing your own projects.
    Virtual currency is an excellent means of mutual settlements between their participants.

  • Fundraising for your startup.
    If you have a business idea, but do not have enough money to implement it, your own cryptocurrency will be a great way to get the necessary funds.

  • Creation for the purpose of studying blockchain technology and applying it in practice.

  • Making digital money for the purpose of making money on the exchange.

How to develop your own cryptocurrency?

Our team of highly qualified specialists will develop custom cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin, Ethereum or "from scratch" code.

Having the necessary knowledge, you can independently create your own token using it. If there is no such knowledge, then we are ready to offer you our services.

Today digital virtual currency is a reliable alternative to money. It does not require a banking system and regulatory authorities for its operation.

Most modern cryptocurrencies provide anonymous transactions and multi-level transaction protection.

With our help, you can create your own cryptocurrency to solve various issues of your business.

The standard algorithm for creating a cryptocurrency is presented below:

  • Getting the source code;

  • Selection of the optimal name for the new crypto-coin;

  • Collecting cryptographic libraries and configuring protocols;

  • Compiling token code with Linux and Windows wallets;

  • Development of a properly functioning block explorer;

  • Creation and installation of primary nodes;

  • Development of mobile wallets for Android and iOS operating systems;

  • Creation of a coin website and development of documentation for the initial placement;

  • Setting up a thread on Bitcointalk, setting up targeted advertising on social networks.